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Lemon Junk Journal: Dollar Tree Junk Journal Challenge 2021

Summer is almost here, so when I decided to join in on the Dollar Tree Junk Journal challenge, I was excited to find plenty of Lemon items at the Dollar Tree to make a really cute junk journal! The challenge is being hosted by Jessica, who is Paper Terrace on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHQdtW-toF2X_I6bFMO43sg
Here are all the items that I found during my shopping trip to the Dollar Tree! I used these items in combination with items that I already purchased previously from the Dollar Tree that went well with the lemon theme. I also used my existing paper crafting tools that I already had like scissors, paper trimmer, corner rounder, glue, etc. If you would like to shop with me, here is my YouTube video: https://youtu.be/yeo5HEfoUQ4
Here are a few of the embellishments, corner tuck, tag and belly band that I made to put inside the journal. I put together some Lemon words that I used in my embellishments that you can print out for yours if you like: http://creativecrafticality.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Lemon-words.pdf
You can see how I made all of these here:

I also made several special papers to include in the book using some yellow tempura paint and glitter glue that I picked up at the dollar tree. I painted a plaid print and lemon doodles, stamped lemon prints from a real half lemon, and dyed paper with the paint and glitter glue.

You can watch me make these papers here:

I have about two more videos to go before I complete these journals, but I will add to this post as I complete them. I also will be giving one of these journals away for my 5000 subscriber giveaway on my YouTube channel. Hopefully I have inspired you to make a Dollar Tree junk journal or a lemon themed journal!

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