Valentine Cupcakes with 2 Color Frosting and DIY Toothpicks

Look at these beautiful cupcakes! Surprise your loved ones, friends or coworkers with a beautiful platter of cupcakes for Valentine’s Day! I made 4 dozen of these for my husband to take to work.  On these cupcakes I featured 2 colored frosting, along with DIY heart toothpicks for the decoration. Read on in this post on how you can decorate your cupcakes like this and you will find a link to my YouTube tutorial on how to pipe 2 colored frosting and make the DIY heart toothpicks.

Here are the initial supplies you will need to make the cupcakes:  Cake mix, 2 colors of frosting (you can make both from scratch of course too!), eggs, oil, water, cupcake wrappers or cups, decorative toothpicks (you will learn how to make these in my video), candy sprinkles, scissors, plastic wrap, spatula or spoon, a piping bag, tip, coupler and ring.

So you will want to start by making your cupcakes per the instructions on the box. While your cupcakes are cooling completely, you can prepare you frosting bag. To do this, tear off one good size square of plastic wrap. Put a glob of 1 color of frosting down in the center and twist the ends slightly. Do the same with the second color. Take one of your disposable piping bags or a ziplock bag and put the coupler down inside the bag, cut the end of the bag. Pull plastic wrap ends from the two colors of frosting through the end of the piping bag, then add your tip and ring.

Now you can pipe the frosting on top of cupcakes, add your candy sprinkles and then they are ready for the heart picks.








Here are the supplies you will need for the heart picks:

  • Valentine cardstock- this pack was from Michael’s.
  • Tacky Glue
  • Two different size heart punches
  • Toothpicks
  • Valentine or heart stickers



Punch out the bigger sized hearts, then decorate with the smaller hearts and stickers to your liking. Put a strip of tacky glue on the back and glue on the toothpicks.

Here is the final result! Aren’t these just so pretty? Head on over to my YouTube Channel, Creative Crafticality for a tutorial on how to do the 2 colored frosting and make the heart picks:

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