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Valentine Owl Crafts

Here are some really cute Valentine owl crafts that you can make with your preschooler or older child! The owl bag they can make to collect their Valentine’s or you can make one to use for a Valentine gift for someone special. Gather several size hearts in different colors either foamies, card stock or doilies; some glue, crayons, scissors, ribbon and googly eyes.

The kids in my Awana Cubbies class made these adorable bags during craft time, so they could collect their Valentine’s during our exchange at the end of the evening. Each and every one was different, so I was impressed how they were creative and made them their own. For this craft I bought the pack of 13 kraft bags and the bigger plain hearts from Michael’s, then I purchased the red glitter hearts, the heart doilies, and the smaller plain hearts from the Dollar Tree. The googly eyes and the heart ribbon was purchased from Walmart. The Whoooo loves you? Owl flag is a free printable from here:

If you would like to see a video tutorial, here is a link to my YouTube video:

This cute paper plate owl craft I brought for my Good News Club students at my daughter’s former elementary school. The kid’s ages ranged from kindergarten up to 5th grade. This is a pretty simple craft to prep and all the ages really enjoyed making them.

For this craft, you need plain white paper plates, 10″ red heart doilies, 4″ card stock or foamy hearts, 2″ card stock or foamy hearts, 1″ card stock or foamy hearts, googly eyes, ribbon and glue. The heart in the middle was a printable I made that I printed out and kids used crayons to color them.  Here is a link for a PDF printable: Heart Doilie Paperplate owl heart printable

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