Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling: Ecclesiastes 3:11

In my Bible journal today, I am in Ecclesiastes 3:11 where God reminds us to just take a step back and look at all the beautiful things he has created. He has and will continue to provide us with what we need in His time. We should be grateful for what we have and not complain about what we don’t have.

If you would like to see my process video, you can watch it here:


Some supplies that I used for this entry were:

  1. Inspire Bible
  2. Artist’s Loft water color pencils
  3. Water color paint brush pen
  4. Embroidered applique embellishments
  5. Flower trim
  6. Butterfly stamp
  7. Illustrated Faith black ink pad
  8. Scotch glue stick
  9. Hot glue and glue gun
  10. Paper clip

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